Of all of the possibly scenarios of what really has happened to the missing commercial jet aircraft from Malaysia here is another hypothesis;

1. The missing Malaysia jet did NOT go south. Instead it took a course North West and landed somewhere. The passengers were removed and hopefully spared but probably not. The jet was stripped on the inside and a nuclear device has been loaded. It is now waiting for the right timing to go into flight toward Israel. A likely target would be Tel Aviv. When it is launched Israel identifies it just in the nick of time and shoots it down in the North somewhere near the Golan Heights, most likely in Syria. The nuclear blast does ignite and there is a nuclear fall out in that Northern area.
2. Because of this attack the UN is arm wrestled into conceding to Israel’s desire to rebuild the temple. A leader steps up and draws up the peace plan that includes this concession. The Arab nations agree because they are now under pressure and in a bad light from the nuclear blast they intended for the heart of Israel. The peace plan includes a massive clean up project of the nuclear fall out area that will take seven years to complete. The date this peace plan is signed approves both the beginning of the rebuilding of the temple and the clean up project.
3. The temple takes 3 and 1/2 years to complete. On the day the temple is finished, the grand opening, the leader who drew up the peace plan goes into the Holy of Holies and declares himself God.
4. The Jews realize that he is not God and run for the mountains.
5. This leader implements a global agreement plan that stipulates anyone who does not agree with his newly self declared position will not be allowed to buy or sell and will be sentenced to death.