Protective Edge Day 10

Israel on Wednesday accepted a UN proposal for a five-hour unilateral humanitarian pause in the fighting to allow for relief aid into Gaza, less than two days after it accepted a more comprehensive cease-fire proposal that was answered by continuous rocket attacks from Gaza.

It started at 10 a.m. and ended at 3 p.m. During […]

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Israel Under Fire

Israel continues to endure a shower of rockets from Gaza.  Over 100 rockets have hit Israel just in the past 24 hours. Tseva Adom, Code Red, sirens go off constantly in Sderot and all the way into Jerusalem.

The Times of Israel said, “Hamas has goaded Israel into action—whether because of unpaid salaries, or hopes of […]

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Protective Edge

Sderot has been showered for the past ten days with kassams; rockets being fired from Hamas in Gaza.

The Iron Dome, Israel’s protection against these constant fire bombs is working full time now.

Sderot, the town closest to Gaza looks like a ghost town.  However, people haven’t left, they are in hiding.  They are too scared to […]

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Israel Under Fire

In the past 20 hours Hamas terrorists have fired Kassam rockets at towns that border Gaza 128 times. Is it any reason the headlines from the Jerusalem post look the way they do?

*Home Front Command bans gatherings of over 500 people in areas within 40 km of Gaza.

*Code red rocket alert siren sounds in Sderot.

*Volley of […]

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Israeli Teens Murdered

The bodies of three Israeli kidnapped teenagers (Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaer, and Naftali Frankel) were found in a field near the Palestinian town of Halhul north of Hebron. They appeared to have been thrown into a field by their abductors after a hasty effort to conceal them. The whole nation of Israel has gone into […]

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