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God commands and blesses those who support Israel.  The primary battle for the support of Israel is public awareness.  You can directly support Israel and help win the battle through your prayers, travel, display of the Israeli flag, donations and sharing.

Pray for Israel

Pray for IsraelThe bible calls us to “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  They shall be blessed who love thee (Israel)”.  The most important action you can take in support of Israel is to pray.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, pray for the gospel in Israel, pray for the Lord to reign and protect it, pray for the protection of the people and military, pray for the missionaries that live there.  Pray as the Lord leads you – pray! Read more »


You can support Israel by making a donation. brings awareness about how and why people should support Israel through many different distribution channels.  We provide free support Israel bumper stickers to people all over the world.  We also send support to various organizations within Israel that directly help the poorest of the poor, holocaust survivors and the homeless living within Israel.  Your donation helps these people within Israel and brings awareness to the world about the state of Israel.  Your donation is tax deductible.  An annual donation statement will be mailed to you after year-end for your records.  Donate to Support Israel »

Show Your Support – Free Israeli Flag Bumper Sticker

Israel Flag Bumper Sticker

Israel Flag Bumper Sticker

Our nation claims that we are a pro-Israel, pro-Jewish nation. Periodically, and in recent times we as a nation have not acted in accordance with this stance. Let’s be “one nation under God” and support Israel. Make a difference today and show your support of Israel by displaying the Israel flag on your car or window.

Order your free Israel flag bumper sticker today!


Share with others how you are supporting Israel.  The leadership you display to your friends makes a huge impact.  Share »

Travel Israel

Tour Israel

Travel to Israel – a land rich with biblical scenes and history.  Read more »

Other ways you can show your support of Israel:

Support Israel in your conversations, prayers, buying decisions and your vote.