Help celebrate Israel Independence Day – book a trip to the Holy Land!  If you haven’t already had the incredible privilege of visiting Israel with all of it’s vast wealth of historical sites and amazing tourist locations – now is the time.  Israel is a trip well worth taking.  There are sites for everyone’s interest. Accommodations are luxurious and provide you with a vacation experience that will leave you refreshed, invigorated and inspired. An important item you will need to get before you go on your Israel pilgrimage is a good Israel tour guide book.

Here are a few of the top Israel tour guide books recommended to help guide your activities and provide historical information for each location.  Unlike many other places to visit, Israel is one that has an incredible amount of historical information and background for almost every location you will visit.  Whether you join a tour group, you take your family or you venture out alone or with a friend, grab one of these books to help guide your trip to Israel:

Top 3 Israel Tour Guide Book Recommendations

1. Discover The Land Of Israel

A Guided Tour In Biblical Israel With Talmud and Midrash

Discover the Land of Israel with Yossi Maimon, an Israeli local tour guide expert. Together, you will travel from the Golan Heights in the north of Israel to the Negev in the south. You will stand on the tops of mountains and in the bottoms of valleys looking at the Holy Land that was promised by God to be a Land for the Jewish people. You will journey on the Road Of The Patriarchs from the battlefields of yesterday to modern cities of today so that you can discover the history that happened in each place, maybe hundreds of years apart, that has shaped God’s people and their land into who they are today. You will get a feel of what it was like to live with the Patriarchs, the Judges, the Prophets, and the Kings. Accompanying you, to help better understand this history will be the holy writings from Tanach, Talmud, and Midrash. Maimon, the author, has successfully woven these writings into his modern-day tour of the biblical sites in Israel to understand the stories behind the stories.

2. Israel Bible Tour Book

A Historic Geographic Bible Study Journal of Israel

This Israel travel tour guide book journal is an essential resource to be used while on tour in Israel, for a holy land tour study guide to help prepare you for an upcoming Israel tour or as a refresher study guide after you return to help refresh your Israel tour memories. It is filled with biblical references, history and geographic background information to help bring the bible alive while touring Israel. Download the digital copy to your device and be well equipped for your Israel tour. While on the tour bus you can pull up the next location and read about where that location is found in the bible, how it is referenced and the background history to help orientate you before you arrive at the site. After your amazing Israel holy land tour is complete and you return home, you will have a rich resource to help refresh your memory of all of the locations and information you learned while in Israel.

3. Fodor’s Israel

This guide has a good general overview of sites and culture of Israel.  Many of the main attractions for all religions are listed. A primary focus is the cultural aspect with heavy hotel and restaurant recommendations included.  It also includes great maps and extended tour sites such as Petra.

Besides all of the biblical sites the land of Israel itself is impressive. It is full of rich agriculture, tropical landscapes, ancient landmarks and modern venues all in one place.  Spending two weeks there will not be enough. You will be planning your next trip before you even leave.